User Interface created by an AI? Galileo AI

Galileo’s result for “An onboarding screen for a dog-walking app”

Last article discussed why domain names were crucial for a business and at the top of “important tech stuff for businesses.” Well, a good UI, or User Interface is not far down that list.

UIs are time consuming to make. Most people will hire web developers to make it for them. Solopreneurs have famously always had trouble with this. That is, until now. Three days ago, on February Tenth, Lorenzo Green announced Galileo AI.

In the company’s own words, it “creates delightful, editable UI designs fromĀ a simple text description [and] empowers you to design faster than ever.” The ChatGPT-lead AI revolution continues, and web developers are hit now. ChatGPT is already capable of writing code for the user, but not of producing full UIs. Galileo could be BIG.

It is not yet available to the wider public but an early access copy can be requested. I have already done this and hope to have one soon to write more about it. Check it out at

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